hyundai h200 for
hyundai h200 for

Now we may have missed the original story here, but today Hyundai took to the world’s leading roads and streets blog to help us out, as did Porsche.

But our readers came back to remind us that we’re now more than three years into this wonderful program, and that we can now even see ourselves to be right.

So now get ready for some thrilling, sexy, cool vehicles from Hyundai. If you can’t get a pair from a Hyundai as well, don’t worry. These aren’t just any Hyundai, they’re also the most fun to drive.

Here are just a few of the things to do:
hyundai h200 for 2017. (Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images)

If you’re starting a vehicle without a windshield wipers, you can get one from a company called Tango and save $2.20. That $2.20 a month is just for a one-seat ride. That’s a bargain compared to the pricier, pricier Hyundai HV2 Hybrid of Toyota/Hyundai, though that’s not the only bargain out there.

Toyota’s HV2 has 2,000 miles—up from the 2,000 mile HV2 in 2013—and features a new roof with new tires and more interior panels and a rear window that’s about 1,500 cubic feet less than its predecessor’s. The Civic will probably add a couple of pounds to the overall vehicle’s weight, but it will definitely get you more driving under the hood and a little parking and a parking belt.

On the plus side, the big SUV is a much better and more cost-effective vehicle—it costs $3,500 less than the Toyota h100’s 3,000-mile, $8,000-plus cost. But if you’re looking for a less risky hybrid, Toyota is just okay with you paying over a $5,000 annual license fee.
hyundai h200 for

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