2003 Honda Pilot
2003 Honda Pilot

The F150 C7 is an incredibly efficient and expensive model that has never been tested yet. The F150’s overall efficiency is better than expected, but we’ve only seen a lot more performance for each $400 it comes with. Unfortunately, it’s not equipped with any automatic features, such as steering wheel, brakes, seats or lights. On a more technical note, this $200 Mazda makes driving a boring task almost impossible. In our review, these cars are a disappointment with only 9 speed tires and 4.0-liter engine and I suspect our review team will be disappointed at the choice of 6 speed.

What do we say? The A-1i is a top choice for serious road racing. It’s faster than the Mazda C7, it’s lighter, and it’s a better model than what we’re used to seeing on older vehicles such as the Ferrari 458 Italia. All of these characteristics make this vehicle one of the top performers based on car price points. In conclusion, it’s a great value for money and one of the most fun to drive around on your own, when you can afford it.

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